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Indian Intelligence agencies of is on High Alert !! , Attacks May happen in various Indian cities , Delhi , Mumbai , Bangalore , Kolkata

Indian Intelligence is on high alert and admits threats from al Qaeda in various cities of India 

On Tuesday the intelligence agency of the United States Of America, Central Investigation Agency CIA Killed the Al-Qaeda Leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in a Drone strike, the attack happens in the city of Kabul Afghanistan. the united states use the hellfire Missiles attached to drones. Ayman al-Zawahiri was on the balcony of his house when The Missiles were launched and eliminated the target 

On Tuesday President of the united states of America, joe Biden Addressed the media about the Drone Strike in staying " Justice Served " 

After the drone strikes By The United States Of America In which they killed Al Qaeda Leader Ayman al-Zawahiri the Threat of Aleda terror attacks in various Indian Cities increased. A few days Before the Indian Security Forces busted 11 people which presumed to be linked with the terror group al-Qaeda after that Indian government and the National Intelligence Agency NIA and several intelligence agencies were on high alert . 


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