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iPhone 14 launch at the same price as iPhone 13 in India? Did China -Taiwan Conflict Influence price of it ?

The internet is inundated with leaks and rumors regarding Apple's new iPhone 14 series, which is set to launch next month. well from the industry insiders the iPhone 14 might be the most prominent t phone of the apple 

According to the report, the decision to freeze the Apple iPhone 14's initial launch price was made in an effort to increase sales. As the business may drop the "Mini" smartphone from the future range, the Apple iPhone 14 will be the cheapest smartphone in the Apple iPhone 14 series. 

the 15 bionic chip which was apple's latest chip and is also used in iPhone 13 will draught forward in iPhone 14 too 

Like the previous two years, the Apple iPhone 14 series is said to include four models: the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.  According to tipper iHacktu leaks, Apple will unveil its iPhone 14 series on September 13.

It was anticipated that Apple will unveil its newest flagship iPhone series in the second week of September, but the insider says the September 13 launch date has been changed.

Due to rise tensions between China and Taiwan and US speaker Nancy Pelosi's recent visit to Taiwan Might hit the production line of Taiwan due to Chinese rage and border locking navy fleet of china because the chips that are used in the iPhone were made by Taiwanese company TSMC and the Company which handles production line also situated in Taiwan and handled by Taiwanese company .so there are many more Pre Projection was held by many experts but Some experts believe that it won't interrupt the supply line 

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