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Khajuraho MP India , Places to visit in MP

Khajuraho is one of the most popular destinations in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh Khajuraho is located in the district of Chhatarpur MP. One of the most popular tourist destinations in India, Khajuraho has the country's largest group of medieval Hindu and Jain temples It comes in the UNESCO World Heritage Site  Khajuraho is a brilliant example of Indian architecture and its culture back in the medieval period.

Built between 950 to 1050 AD the sheer confrontational nature of these carvings shows a stark paradox with the conventional Indian ideals about eroticism, leaving everybody spellbound. Initially, the number of Temples build including Jains and Hindus 85 But the Attack of the invaders who tried to destroy them Never fully Succeed now Khajuraho has 25 temples in the whole Complex and all the temples are beautifully designed and Lighted with modern engineering 

Here are some of the most beautiful and Good images of the Khajuraho temple complex 

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