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Tourist Place to Visit in Mandu MP, India

Mandu or Mandavgad is an ancient city in the present-day Mandav area of the Dhar district. The ancient city of Mandavgarh or present-day its called mandu which is tourist place plays an important role In the 11th century, Mandu was the subdivision of the Tarangagadh or Taranga kingdom. of Middle India 

this City is full of heritage sites like rain Roopmati mahal, Baz Bahadur palace, and Hoshang Shah's tomb which makes it a popular tourist attraction 

The Ancient City of mandu has various places to visit 

Roopmati's Pavilion 

It was originally built as an army observation post it is known today as Roopmati Mahal  Rani Roopmati is the love interest of Baaz Bahadur lived here, the Fort was build on the bank of Narmada river Which Seema to be very beautiful 

Ashrafi Mahal 

Ashrafi Mahal is one of the most beautiful places in mandu Ashrafi Mahal was built as a madrasa By between 1405 - 1422 when Mohammad shah ruled the area 

Jahaz Mahal/Ship Palace

Situated between two artificial lakes, this two-storied architectural marvel is so named as it appears as a ship floating in the water. It was  Built by Sultan Ghiyas-ud-din-Khilji, it was served as a harem for the sultan. 

Hindola Mahal 

The Hindola Mahal might have been constructed during the reign of Hushang Shah about 1425 C.E. It is one of set of buildings making up the royal palace complex at Mandu

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