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Tourist Places in Neemuch , MP India

Neemuch is a town near in MP near Estern Border of rajasthan and western border of MP Neemuch is fmous for its history and its Role in the indian Agricultural economy neemuch has the biggest agricultural market in the region Popularly known Neemuch mandi  The economy of the Neemuch District Partly depends on it 
But apart from this neemuch or we can say district of nemuch is also an popular  attraction of tourists 

Tourists Places In Neemuch 

1 Sukhanand Ji 

Sukhanand ji maharaj is one the most Beautiful Build by carvings in the mountain the Temple is situated by 32 kilometers from neemuch. the palace also has waterfall which is belived to to be active in rainy seasons . The Temple of shiva Makes it more holy and a must place to visit 
2 Kilshever Mahadev temple 

Tempeof shiva Situated in neemuch the frestival of shivratri is very Delightful in the month of march the frestival attends by more then 50,000 people 

There are more places to visit within the city the restruants offer not so costly food the street food is more tastier if you prefer , the hotel facility is in the city is Good it would be good plan for a day or 2 

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