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Tourist places to visit in Piplya Mandi Dist.Mandsaur Malhargarh


Piplia Mandi is a town and a Nagar Parishad in Mandsaur district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is 15 km away from the city of Mandsaur on state highway 31.

Places to visit in Piplya Mandi 

Piplya mandi is a highway town which was located Near between Mandsaur And neemuch The main places to visit in Piplya mandi is the Gayatri temple of piplya mandi which is quite famous, There is another temple Of a goddess which is situated On the Small Mountain On the khokra road so must have a visit there, another temple of sai baba which is also located in the town so must have a visit there The town is Quite Developed among Region and people are friendly But it's Difficult to find a hotel either you Find a good one Room in the guest House in Malhargarh or you have to visit Neemuch or Mandsaur to stay

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