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"We will lunch a targeted military operation in Taiwan" China fumes over Pelosi's visit

China Fumes over Pelosi's visit Since Nancy Pelosi and American Speaker visited Taiwan On Tuesday Despite Threats by China over her visit to Taiwan, China Since Follows the policy of one China which says that Taiwan is the autonomous region of the Republic of China, China considers us visit over Taiwan as a violation of one-China policy. 

China Threatens the United States over the visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan over the Past Few Days  . ignoring all the threats she pay her visit to Taiwan on Tuesday, China Fumes over her visit, and in the evening China shut the air space of Fujiang Province for commercial flights, China also has a Cyberattack on Taiwan as the presidential website of Taiwan was hacked by overseas hackers before the visit of Nancy Pelosi 

now China Fumes over the USA that they will be now Performing target Attacks on Taiwan 

China also perform military exercise near the Taiwan strait starts from the night says the United States of America department of defense 

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