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Honey Singh & Wife Shalini Talwar Divorced: Ended 11 years of marriage

Singer Honey Singh and Wife Shalini talwar finally ended up their marriage after 11 years in the district court, On the basis of domestic violence

Shalini had alleged that she was subjected to numerous incidents of physical, verbal, mental, and emotional abuse at the hands of her husband and his family. The case was filed last year and the Court gave them time to rethink their decision to part ways. However, that did not happen and the case reached a conclusion as the District Court Saket accepted their divorce plea. Honey has agreed to pay Rs 1 crore as alimony to Shalini as part of their settlement deal, as per the reports.  

In Court proceedings, Shalini Talwar, 38, claimed that Honey Singh beat her many times in the last few years and she constantly lived in fear as he and his family threatened her with physical harm. “Due to mental harassment and cruelty imposed upon her over a period of time, she also suffered from symptoms of depression and sought medical help,” she stated in the plea, filed through advocates. 

In the plea, Shalini detailed how she was physically assaulted by Honey over the last 10 years. She revealed how Honey and his family broke her mentally and emotionally so much that she almost started identifying herself as a “farm animal, shepherded from here to there while being treated cruelly”.

Shalini Talwar also levelled cheating allegations against her husband, saying that he used to frequently have casual sex with multiple women, not wear his wedding ring, and mercilessly beat her for releasing their marriage pictures online. She requested the court to issue orders against him under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005. Shalini sought direction from the court to her ask her husband to pay Rs 10 crore as interim compensation for perpetrating domestic violence against her.

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