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"I really Thank Prime Minister (Modi)..." Bangladesh's Sheikh Hasina Praises India Help During Covid, Ukraine War


In a TV collaboration with ANI, Prime Minister Hasina, who is set to visit India on Monday, likewise commended the Narendra Modi government's token of giving COVID-19 immunizations to adjoining nations under its Vaccine Maitri program when the pandemic was spreading quick.

The Bangladesh state head underlined nearer collaboration between the two neighbors. There can be contrasts, yet these ought to be tended to through discourse, she said, adding that in various regions, India and Bangladesh had exactly done that.

She, in any case, set apart two regions for exceptional commendation where the Indian government's help helped Bangladeshi residents. One of these was the clearing of Bangladesh understudies, who, in the same way as other Indians, were caught in Ukraine and its adjoining nations after the flare-up of the contention.

"I truly express gratitude toward Prime Minister Modi for this drive, and that way he... you know, contributed immunizations to not just Bangladesh, likewise a few south Asian nations, and it's actually quite, exceptionally supportive. What's more, it's a truly judicious drive he has taken. Other than that, we purchased immunizations with our own cash and furthermore, numerous different nations likewise contributed," she said

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