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"It is an ideological war" Rahul Gandhi targets BJP at Congress rally


                                           Pic Cridit - India Today

“It is an ideological war. Our party along with other parties will defeat the BJP and RSS’ ideology,” said Rahul Gandhi  Addressing thousands of party workers at Delhi’s iconic Ramlila Maidan,

Only Congress workers can save India”. He also tried to explain why Congress has chosen to do a Bharat Jodo Yatra. “The government has closed roads to Parliament. when we try to speak in House, our mikes are turned off. So, we have to go to the people and tell them the current situation and hear what others have to say.”

“We have to go directly to people,” Gandhi added, “Media belongs to them. we can’t speak in Parliament. whoever speaks against PM Modi, ED, and CBI are unleashed on them.

Drawing a lineup between the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government and the ongoing regulation, the Congress chief attempted to contend that while the UPA deferred off ranch credits worth ₹70,000 crores, the Modi government attempted to bring 3 dark regulations. He said, the UPA brought MGNREGA yet Prime Minister condemned it.

Gandhi additionally hailed the UPA's territory regulation and said while it halted land get, one of the underlying choices of the Modi government was to scrap the law, alluding to the statute the public authority got 2014 to change the land regulation

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