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Mumbai Thunderstorm: City Recorded 94mm Heavy rainfall in Past 24 Hrs

The city of Mumbai was hit by a Thunderstorm on Tuesday Night Due to Heavy rainfall on August 16  India Meteorological Department (IMD) weather station in Santacruz recorded 94mm of rain in the 24 hours ending 8:30am, and the IMD station in Colaba recorded just 8.3mm of rain in the same period.

One more spell of weighty downpour is normal in the city after September 7, when an extraordinary failure pressure region is supposed to shape off the shoreline of Odisha, and afterward, travel toward the west. An east-west wind shear zone around the southern tip of India, close to Kerala, is supposed to move upwards before long after the LPA structures around September 7. This will bring about more grounded westerly breezes which, affected by the LPA, will pull dampness over the Konkan coast.

An escalation of precipitation action may likewise occur around the month's end, as Super Typhoon Hinnamnor moves further eastwards and debilitates. Upset rainstorm streams over the South China Sea may re-emerge. As heartbeats from these frameworks push toward the Bay of Bengal, the region could indeed begin effectively facilitating consecutive low-pressure frameworks, which could bring a last, drawn-out spell of wetness to Mumbai and encompassing regions before the rainstorm season finishes off.

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“This was not a typical monsoon shower. It was a thunderstorm, which is very localized. The increasing heat in Mumbai over the last few days, along with high levels of humidity created the perfect condition for convective activity, leading to Saturday night’s rain. It was not because of typical monsoon factors, such as strong westerly winds or a low-pressure area in the Bay of Bengal. However, westerly winds have resumed since Sunday afternoon and some light to moderate isolated showers are likely in Mumbai over the next two days,” said a senior meteorologist with the IMD’s regional forecasting center in Mumbai.

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