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Spinning Joy Rride Crashes In Mohali, Tragic Video Emerges


A spinning Joy ride crashes in Mohali According to eyewitnesses, at least 15 to 16 people, mostly children, and women, were injured in the incident.

“We saw people falling from the swing when it went up. There were children and women sitting in it,” a woman said, adding that the people gathered in the carnival helped take the injured to hospitals.

 “A carnival was being organised and the eyewitness told us that there was a technical snag in the swing and it had fallen,” DSP Bal Indian Express

All the organizers of the carnival allegedly fled from the spot. The Mohali Trade Fair, where the incident happened, was to continue till Sept 11. Mohali Deputy Commissioner Amit Talwar said they will hold an inquiry to see if the organizers had permission from the concerned authorities, to hold the carnival.

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