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Thank God Trailer : First collaboration of Siddharth Malhotra and Ajay Devgn

 Thankgod Trailer Starting with Siddarth Malhotra Ajay Devgn released, the movie was the first collaboration  of both two actors 

 The trailer of Thank God was released on Friday and it showcases the story of a man named Ayan Kapoor (Sidharth Malhotra), who finds himself in the middle of nowhere after he is involved in an accident. Ajay Devgn, who plays the role of Chitragupt, greets Ayan, where he offers him to play the "game of life." He mentions that Ayan is neither dead nor alive and that he must fix his mistakes. He reminds Ayan of all the sins that he has committed. Anger is Ayan's biggest weakness and so is jealousy. Ayan is envious of his wife (played by Rakul Preet Singh) as she makes it big in her life. A Singham reference and a brief Nora Fatehi-dance sequence later, Ajay reminds Sidharth of man's "biggest mistake."

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