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Atiq Ahmad, Ashraf Ahmad killed in Prayagraj

Mafia-turned-legislator Atiq Ahmad and his sibling Ashraf Ahmad were shot dead while being taken for a clinical exam in Prayagraj on Saturday, said authorities.

What we know up to this point:

Atiq and his sibling were conversing with the media when they were killed close to Dhoomanganj police headquarters.

Two-three individuals allegedly started shooting at the team.

Every one of the shooters has been arrested and the weapons have additionally been recuperated, as per a few nearby media reports.

The suspects have been recognized as Luvlesh Tiwari, Bright, and Arun Maurya. They are under police authority and are being questioned, said media reports.

The groups of siblings have been shipped off SRN medical clinic.

The police said that a cruiser supposedly utilized by the shooters has likewise been recuperated.

Senior police authorities including Extraordinary DG (the rule of law) Prashant Kumar called at CM Yogi Adityanath's office.

The passing comes only days after Atiq's child Asad and his accessory Ghulam - - both needed in the Umesh Buddy murder case - - were shot dead in a trade of shoot with the Uttar Pradesh Police close to Jhansi on April 13.

Asad was the third of the five children of Atiq Ahmad and was fleeing since the Umesh Buddy murder case.

The last rituals of Asad were performed at Kasari Masari memorial park on Saturday in the midst of weighty police security, with a couple of far-off family members and local people present inside the graveyard. The internment went on for 60 minutes, police said.

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