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Google Street View now covers entire India

Google Maps's Street View feature now covers the entire India, allowing users to get a 360-degree view of their schools and villages. The feature returned to India last year but initially covered a few places. India Today Tech noticed the expansion of Google Maps Street View across the country last week. Street View still does not cover every nook and cranny, likely for security reasons. Additionally, the Street View only covers public areas. Therefore, a virtual tour inside schools and other properties will not be possible. However, it is still a useful tool for a trip down memory lane.

How to use Street View on Google Maps

Street View works on the Google Maps app for Android and iOS, as well as on the web version. Users will need to enable the tool manually with a simple toggle. Readers must note that Street View can only be used to get a 360-view of an area, and Google Maps won't give directions in this mode in real-time. Google is testing the "Immersive View" feature for real-time directions in a Street View mode, but it is yet to roll out in India.

So far, Street View can be a great tool to explore an area before you actually travel.

To use Street View on Google Maps for Android and iOS

-Open Google Maps and search for a location.

-Select the Layer box under the Search bar (top-right).

-Select Street View.

-You will notice blue lines on the map, meaning only these areas are covered under Street View.

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